Project Details for Drury Place (2019072)

Number 2019072
Title Drury Place
Type Site Plan
Planner Nicole D. Smith
Address Number 3400
Address Direction
Address Name Masonboro Loop
Address Suffix Rd
Status Active - Under Review
NHC Parcel ID Number (PID) R06700-001-010-000 R06700-001-011-000
NHC Map ID Number (MAPID)
Is Property in 1945 Corporate Limits
Zoning Type O and I-1, Office and Institutional District 1.
Permitted Usage Uses Permitted under Prescribed Conditions
Proposed Usage Residential uses as allowed in Commercial District Mixed Use
Total Site Acres 1.9
Building Area (sq. ft. gross) - Total 10800
Building Area (sq. ft. gross) - Increase (%) 100
Off Street Parking - Required 22
Off Street Parking - Provided 24
Parking Standard Applied 1/1 unit plus 1-300 sq. ft
Straight Rezoning
Conditional District Rezoning CD-1-718
Special Use Permit
Street Closure
Subdivision Review Board
Board of Adjustment Variance/Appeal
HPC Review
Site Plan Review 9/5/19
Vehicle Trips - AM Peak Hour
Vehicle Trips - PM Peak Hour
Overlay District
Date Applied 8/21/2019
Date Accepted 8/21/2019
Date Rejected
TRC Review Date 9/5/2019
SRB Review Date
Processing Fee 1308.00
Documents Documents
Contacts Contacts
Submittals Submittals