Project Details for The Retreat on Shady (formerly Lot 4 Wright Heirs) (2023020)

Number 2023020
Title The Retreat on Shady (formerly Lot 4 Wright Heirs)
Type Subdivision Plan
Planner Jeff Walton
Address Number 2504
Address Direction
Address Name Shandy
Address Suffix Ln
Status Active - Under Review
NHC Parcel ID Number (PID)
NHC Map ID Number (MAPID)
Is Property in 1945 Corporate Limits
Zoning Type R-20, Residential District
Permitted Usage Uses Permitted by Right.
Proposed Usage Family care home
Total Site Acres
Building Area (sq. ft. gross) - Total
Building Area (sq. ft. gross) - Increase (%)
Off Street Parking - Required
Off Street Parking - Provided
Parking Standard Applied
Straight Rezoning
Conditional District Rezoning
Special Use Permit
Street Closure
Subdivision Review Board
Board of Adjustment Variance/Appeal
HPC Review
Site Plan Review
Vehicle Trips - AM Peak Hour
Vehicle Trips - PM Peak Hour
Overlay District
Date Applied 4/19/2023
Date Accepted 4/19/2023
Date Rejected
TRC Review Date 4/19/2023
SRB Review Date
Processing Fee 100.00
Documents Documents
Contacts Contacts
Submittals Submittals