This program tracks the progress of development projects as they move through the approval process.

The system provides designers and developers with a means to monitor the status of a project and to receive feedback from city staff as review comments are entered into the system.

This program can also be used by the general public to view proposed projects that are planned for the city.

As your project moves through each action point the results are posted immediately providing you with real time updates 24 hours a day. To view the current progress of your project, simply enter a project number or title in the search box.

Prior to entering a project you must be registered on the site. Once registered, you may login and begin entering projects for review by city staff.

As each action point in the approval process is completed you will receive notification automatically at the email address you included when you regestered on the site.

See Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) or the How To page for additional information on how best to use this system

Login to the system by clicking the 'Register or Login' link at the top right corner of the screen and enter your user name and password when prompted.